5th-8th Teacher Websites


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  • Mark Cygnet - Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies

  • Ashley Thigpen - Middle School Math

  • Elizabeth Raskin  - Middle School Math
  • Jacqueline Keily - Middle School Science

  • Jenice Rollins - Middle School Math and Science

  • Heather Smith - Middle School Math and Science
  • Madeline Gathman - Middle School Art

  • Rueben Geerman - Middle School Music

  • Brandi Rittman - Middle School PE

  • Paul McCrary as Middle School PE



Our middle school team meets at least once a week to plan collaboratively and share information on student progress. During collaboration time throughout the week, teachers also meet across grade levels and disciplines to assist the learning needs of students.

All of our teachers employ a variety of teaching strategies to differentiate instruction for their students. Teachers use the framework of backward design to create year long curriculum pacing plans aligned with the California Department of Education (CDE) Curriculum Standards. The idea of pacing plans is to start with the essential learning we want our students to leave each grade level with, design assessments to measure how we will know what they have learned and then create daily instructional plans to implement througout the year.

Teachers report current grades through the parent access portal on PowerSchool and conference regularly with parents.