Human Resources

Livermore Valley Charter School seeks individuals who are willing to work in a creative, non-traditional academic environment.  We are a fast moving faculty that expects student achievement, pursues excellence, and focuses on data driven decisions.  If you are interested in joining our team, please look for our job postings at:


Frequently Asked Human Resource’s Questions


What are the salaries like at LVCS?

LVCS staff members are paid salaries comparable to other public school employees in the area.


As a charter school, does LVCS offer its employees benefits?

LVCS offers a comparable plan to other public schools in the area.


Does LVCS have a retirement plan?

LVCS is part of the STRS/PERS program and also offers a 403B plan to its employees.


Do LVCS teachers move through a probationary period and into permanent status?

All LVCS staff are hired on an “at-will” annual basis, including teachers, aides, custodians, office staff and administration.  There is no move from probationary to permanent status and LVCS teachers are not part of a teacher’s union.  


Is there staff development at LVCS?

Tri Valley Learning Corporation is committed to continuing education for all staff members every year.